The HebCelt team have been pioneering sustainability within the industry for a number of years. The team all feel very passionate about mitigating the impacts of the event so much so that we have achieved a number of awards over the years.  

The following are areas we work with our audience to help us in this important journey.

Since the introduction of reusable cups in 2015, the team has made huge inroads to reduce landfill waste generated onsite. With your assistance we can continue this vital environmental journey.

Here is how:


We adopted a complete ban on single use plastic on the festival site in 2018. This means you will not be able to buy bottled water or juice. All drinks will be served in reusable plastic cups, cans or compostable cups and you will be able to buy branded festival water bottles on site which you can refill for free at our “hydration stations”. Free paper cups also provided at each station.


We have several waste collection points set out around the festival arena. All are clearly labelled for the three waste streams. Caterers only serve with compostable catering supplies which means:

Organic waste: food, plates, cups, cutlery and paper (all of which are compostable). Tins and plastic bottles: any drinks cans and plastic drinks bottles brought onsite General: anything else that does’t come into the other categories.

Don’t worry! The Green Team are on hand to help out. Thank you!


When buying your drinks tokens, you’ll also need to buy a £1 cup token for each person you are likely to be buying a drink for. When you get to the bar you’ll get a cup for each cup token that you hold, along with your drinks. When you go back to the bar to buy another drink, you’ll get a fresh cup for each used cup that you hand over.

At the end of the night (or at any point during the event) you can take your reusable cup back to the token booth and get your deposit back. Or you can donate your deposit to our nominated charity - Macmillan Cancer Care.

Or why not take your cup home as a keepsake for attending HebCelt? Don’t worry, you’ve already paid for it.

View our Environmental Policy.