The Hebridean Celtic Festival (HCF) Trust is committed to minimising their impact on the environment and building on work they are currently doing to achieve this. This policy applies to the main festival operations as well as any temporary accommodation they may occupy from time to time.


The following aims reflect the long-term strategic commitment of the HCF Trust.

Progress towards achieving the aims will be incremental year on year, and managed through each festival's detailed annual implementation plans.

  • To comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice.
  • To sustainably manage the use of all resources, energy, water and procurement.
  • To raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in environmental matters.
  • To expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors.
  • To assist performers and festival goers to participate in the festival in an environmentally sensitive way.
  • To continuously seek to improve performance and reduce impacts from pollution, emissions and waste.
  • To encourage more sustainable forms of transport.
  • To assess the likely and actual environmental impacts of current and future operations.


The management and volunteer leaders will endorse this policy and ensure compliance to demonstrate the festival's commitment.